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The public works division focuses on infrastructure improvements, both for area (neighborhood) benefit and to provide opportunities for economic development and job growth. Continued revitalization of low- to moderate-income neighborhoods through the design and/or construction of curbs, gutters, a storm water drainage system, a new street surface, placement of street trees, and sidewalk replacement.

The Department of Redevelopment initiates and provides opportunities for low- to moderate-income citizens to live in decent, safe, affordable housing, and develops partnerships with current non-profit organizations to preserve and develop community facilities.

General Information

The residential division of the Department makes loans to non-profit agencies to create housing for low- to moderate-income persons, to make available emergency housing, and to assist non-profit service providers in the rehabilitation of physical facilities. This has resulted in the construction of approximately 200 new homes and the construction, rehabilitation or expansion of emergency housing and community facilities.

Terre Haute’s new Multi-modal Transportation Facility in downtown Terre Haute, also known as the Cherry Street Facility, was completed in 2008, and functions as a transit headquarters and bus transfer facility in addition providing 636 automobile parking spaces on five levels.

The project is a key economic development initiative for the community and a catalyst for additional projects that will bring students and citizens into downtown Terre Haute and stimulate new private development expected to create hundreds of local jobs. The Cherry Street Facility project is a partnership of the City of Terre Haute, Indiana State University and the local business community. It will be maintained and operated by the City of Terre Haute, Transportation Department.

General Information

Demolition and Property Acquisition serve as catalysts for positive community development by eradicating slum and blight through the removal of substandard structures and on creation of housing opportunities through the vacant site recovery program.

This Department has been responsible for the recovery of 1,000 vacant lots and the removal of 1,600 unsafe buildings. It has been involved in many special projects including acquisition of the National Road Heritage Trail Phase I properties and acquisition of the Locust Street and Brown Avenue extension properties.

The Terre Haute Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ) was established in January 1994 for a ten-year period by application under Indiana Code 4-4-6.1, and was extended in 2004. In 2005 the City Council voted to discontinue the Urban Enterprise Zone designation for the City of Terre Haute, effective December 31, 2005. As of December 31, 2007, the THUEA officially dissolved as an Indiana not-for -profit corporation. Any remaining program obligations are being administered by the Terre Haute Department of Redevelopment. There are currently no benefits available for the Urban Enterprise Zone.


The purpose of this program is to cause more people to live and work in the downtown area. The program intends to build a market for commercial goods and services from within the downtown neighborhood and improve the condition of downtown buildings. The intent of the Downtown Building Rehabilitation Loan Program is to provide financial assistance to owners of real property that rehabilitate their buildings and utilize the upper floors for residential space.

The loan program is intended to leverage other private equity and mortgage funds to complete the rehabilitation. Applicants for Federal and State Historic Preservation Tax Credits are encouraged to apply for this program. 


A Downtown Historic Facade Incentive Grant is offered by the Department of Redevelopment to owners of architecturally and historically significant commercial properties as an incentive to restore the original character of their buildings. Historic Facade Grants will be matched with private and public investments to assist owners in restoring the appearance of their buildings, upgrading their businesses, and revitalizing the economy of Terre Haute's Downtown. Through the program, owners of significant commercial buildings may receive up to 50% of the cost of facade restoration as a matching grant, with a maximum of $15,000 granted per project. Additional funds will be available for corner buildings.

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